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Laptop Requirements

Please note that RSM and most of the educational publishers are geared for Windows with respect to software and IT support. During the programme you (will) need to install and use software that can only be installed on Windows systems. Therefore we strongly advise you to bring a laptop with an English version of Windows 10 (or 7) installed on it. Furthermore it would be advisable if the laptop is fairly new (<4 years old) and has a battery that can last at least 4 hours.

If you are using a Mac Book you can choose to install Windows on it or you can use our Remote Desktop environment. Installation of Windows on a Mac Book can be done in three ways: BootCamp, VirtualBox or Parallels (please note you will need a valid license key for Windows, MS Office and the program itself.)

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure the programs are installed and ready to be used in case you choose to run Windows on your Mac.

Service Desk

The IT Services Service Desk is located at the Bayle Building at J1-26. During opening hours we can personally assist you with any IT related problem.

Our opening hours:

Monday - Friday:             08.30 - 20.00
Saturday:                         08.30 - 17.00
Sunday:                           Closed

Location:                          Bayle Building (J) J1-26
Telelephone:                     +31(0)10 408 8624 


RSM Card

Your RSM Card gives you access to the Bayle (J) Building and is used for printing at J1-05 / J2. To register your card for printing please refer to the manuals.

College Rooms

There are 8 college rooms available for classes which are equipped with a computer and a beamer. There is the possibility to use a laptop which can be connected to the beamer. Both computer and laptop can connect to the internet. The technical possibilities vary per college room. The most basic room has a desk with a computer, a beamer and internet access while the more sophisticated rooms have an addional touchscreen to control the lights, audio, video and beamer.

It is also possible to record classes in the college rooms JB-49 (preferred), JB-50, J1-49 and J1-50.

Break Out Rooms

We also have 11 Breakout rooms available on the second floor (J2-13 until J2-31). These can be booked via Rooms in CampusGroups and contain a table, chairs, electric/network access points and a possible (audio and/or video) connection to an external TV screen.

Desktop Lab

There is a Desktop Lab at J1-05 providing 10 desktops to use and there is 1 multifunctional printer available for printing, scanning and copying using a print terminal.


RSM Erasmus University is using the global university wide wireless network eduroam which is available on campus using your ERNA credentials. For guests without login credentials the IT Services can provide temporary credentials (monthly reset). Please see the section Manuals for instructions for connecting to the wireless from different devices.

Remote Desktop

Our Remote Desktop environment can be used to access RSM Erasmus University resources off campus like the University Library or the Palisade Statistic Software. Please see the section Manuals for further instructions.