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As a student at RSM Erasmus University you will receive the following credentials:
  • RSM BV credentials: sent to you per email (Welcome to the RSM Erasmus University!)
  • ERNA credentials: sent to you per email by the EUR (USC) attached as a PDF file
    • Disregard (2nd) attachment (Facilties EUR)
    • Do not change your email address

Resetting / changing credentials

You can reset your credentials by using one of the following links. There is also the possibility of coming up to the Service Desk at J1-26 (please bring your student card/Erasmus Card with the Picture):

  • RSM BV credentials: these can only be changed at the RSM or send us an email.
  • ERNA credentials: (only if you want to change your password; if you have forgotten your password come to the Service Desk to reset it)

Credential table

Since there are quite some different systems and services we are using below you can find a table which specifies which credentials (and in what form) to use for what system or service.

Remeber that, based on the kind of student you are, some might not apply to you (this table does not apply to Exchange students only here for a week!)
System Login Name Password
Wireless ERNA user ERNA password
Remote Desktop / RSM password
Office 365 / RSM password / password
Desktop Lab / RSM password
CampusGroups / CampusGroups
SURFspot ERNA user ERNA password
Canvas / Canvas / password
Grades Portal user (WITHOUT or RSM password
Printing user (WITHOUT or RSM password
Webmail / RSM password / password
Alumni Portal user RSM password