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RSM Cycling Team

Approximately 10 RSM MBA/EMBA students will form a cycling team to finish a 2-day tour in the Netherlands. The cycling route will be decided by the resultant amount of donations we collect by July 20th

Cycling Route

Donors have the ownership to determine our cycling route! By July 20th, if the total amount of donation exceeds 5000 euros, the cycling team will take the mid-level route of 100 km long; if it exceeds 5000 euros, the cycling team will take challenging route of 140 km long.

Public and Corporate Donations

The project’s fundraising website will be launched in June to collect donations from the individuals and corporates. 80% of the donation will go to the Lan An Cultural & Educational Foundation, and the remaining 20% will be subsidizing the project expenditure. Any amount of donation is much welcomed. If you would like to receive a receipt of your donation, please email us ( with the photocopy of the bank transfer note. We will soon email you an e-receipt once the bank transfer is confirmed. 

Bank Account: RSM int. Charity

Rabobank Rotterdam: 142181978 

IBAN: NL43 RABO 0142 1819 78 



For enterprise sponsors, there are 3 categories of sponsorship – golden, silver and bronze – with fixed amount of donations which are 1000 euros, 500 euros and 200 euros respectively. 


         Donation       Benefit


1000 euros

1.  News cover reported on the project's website

2.  The rights to use event photos and videos which will be recorded throughout the tour

3.  Invitation to After Party at RSM


500 euros

1.  News cover reported on the project's website

2.  The rights to use event photos and videos which will be recorded throughout the tour


200 euros

     1. News cover reported on the project's website


Dates of Tour 

30th July – 31th July

After Party 

Date: 31th July

Venue: The Kitchen, Student Hotel

Registration For The Tour

DEADLINE: July 10th, 2015

  • We encourage you to sign up and complete payment as early as possible, as the team is limited to only 15 participants maximum.  


  • Hit “Registration Now” on the page and complete the registration form on OneDrive
  • Make payment via bank transfer directly to RSM int. Charity, and email us for confirmation on your payment and booking at



  • Road bike (rent for tour use; €60 can be deducted from the registration fee if you have your own road bike or mountain bike)
  • Accommodation (1 night)
  • 3 meals (1ST Day: dinner; 2nd Day: breakfast and lunch)
  • Back-up tires (when necessary)
  • Water & food supply (on the road)
  • After party
  • Remaining fees go to donation (if any)


  • Helmet (recommended)
  • Cycling jacket (recommended)
  • Medical insurance (recommended)


Cycling is an inherently dangerous sport. RSM Charity Club does not assume any liability for your participation. In no event, shall RSM or RSM Charity Club accept any liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by use of, or reliance, on information on this website, or from participating in group rides with RSM Charity Bike Tour.

Hence, it is important for you to recognize upon registration that, you acknowledge, appreciate, and agree that:

  1. The risk of injury from cycling is significant, and while particular skills, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious and potentially fatal injury does exist; and
  2. YOU KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE BY YOURSELF or others, and assume full responsibility for your participation.